I Will Now Be Accepting Applications For Unblocking

Buddy (noun) - a close friend.

If you don’t believe me:

Blogging Buddy (i think a noun) - a blogging close friend

If you listened to last week's Pick'em recording you know that I am Ricos blogging buddy. If you can understand a sentence (I barely can), then you know this isn’t Rico. This is Doogs and as a Ryder, Blogging Buddy, and best friend to Mr. Bosco I decided that I wanted to help him out with some content ideas. One of those ideas was to make an email for the 50,000 strong that are blocked by Rico. I want to hear your stories, I want to hear why you should be unblocked, I want to try and HELP YOU RYDE AGAIN.

With Rico blogging more and more, he needs to start unblocking more people so more eyes can get on his blogs. Maybe eventually we can do a face to face or a behind the block segment.

For the skells who will try and not count this blog towards Rico, this is what the blogging buddies are for. To help find time when they can’t blog during their 60 hour work weeks. To write for them when they are using their Better Help account (Use Promo Code Pick Em).

I cannot guarantee that everyone will be unblocked, but I can guarantee that I will look through every single application

Write an email to ricounblocks@gmail.com with the following

Twitter Username:

Proof that you are blocked:

Why you were blocked:

When you were blocked:

What you would do differently:

What being a ryder means:

One Blog Idea for Rico:

Please include a personalized video if you want to

Let’s Ryde.