Henrik Zetterberg Helps $EBR Move To 2-0 With Game Of The Month Plays

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The Wings maybe don't have a player as good as Hank anymore, but I still couldn't believe the disrespect the bookmakers were giving the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday Night vs. the Ducks. They clearly didn't listen to the Spittin Chiclets podcast when we went over the Eastern Conference preview and gave our predictions. I've been hyping this team since free agency and their start has me giddy about my over 84.5 points futures bet on Barstool Sportsbook.

When I saw this -130 I was licking my chops and it took all the restraint I had to not post the pick sooner, but as leader of the $EBR Crew, I needed to make sure Husso was starting and that Dylan Larkin was playing after his awkward fall in the last game.

As I was watching the clock wind down in the bloodbath Sunday night, I started to think back to the September game of the month when Timrå won its home opener 3-1 and we cashed the big tickets.

It was then I realized that in both games of the month $EBR backed a team that wore red and white, Timrå and Detroit.

Team colors are a stat that would make my mom throw down a few bucks on a game, but real gamblers need more information before they make a responsible wager. So a real stat and the reason for this blog is, that the average hockey fan doesn't know Henrik Zetterberg played for Timrå IK before he was lifting cups in Detroit.

Not only did he play for both teams, but they were the only 2 teams he played for professionally in his career if you look past the 23 games in Switzerland during a lockout.

I only wish that I saw it earlier to give this angle as another reason to hammer the Wings last night. Next time I see this legend you better believe we will try to sign him to the $EBR crew and he will be getting a t-shirt as a signing bonus.

Everybody Rides!!!

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