My Favorite Bet Tonight Is + Money And It's Been Super Hot This Year

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Tonight kicks off 27 straight days of football. It really is a glorious time to be watching sports. World Series, NBA, NHL, College Football has games on weeknights, as well as NFL. 

There is action every night in every sport and it couldn't be better. Change out the batteries on the remote, fire up the tv's and place the bets. 

I will be trying to provide a winner every day/night of these 27 days (insert your own joke here, it hasn't been a great year of picks I deserve it). Now while I have been cold, I have been betting one prop consistently this year in Primetime NFL games and it's HOT! 

In the last 5 Thursday night games … this prop is 4-1

In the last 5 weeks of Primetime NFL games this prop is 11-4  

This prop is almost always + money …. 

Are you ready ? 

Here it is 

OVER 3.5 Field Goals +112 

Is this boring ? A little, but is it hot ? You bet your ass it is. 

Listen I get it … touchdown scorers and crazy parlays can be so enticing with a big ticket payout, but it's the straight bets that can be the ones can churn out the most winners. 

Tonight's game features a struggling Bucs offense, and the best kicker on the planet in Justin Tucker. If the Ravens get anywhere even close to field goal range you can expect a kick attempt instead of a punt. That helps this bet. 

Do I think I can go 27-0 in best bets ? Probably not, but I know you can't go 27-0 if you don't start 1-0 and I LOVEEEEE this bet tonight. Let's start 1-0 and come back tomorrow with another win, and ride this streak as long as we can. 

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