If You Have Some Responsible Money Laying Around, Put It On The Trap Of The Day: Cowboys -1.5

This line is begging you to take the 8-1 Vikings at home against the 6-3 Cowboys who just lost to the Packers. The Vikings just had one of the best games in the NFL and beat one of the best teams last week in the Bills. The Vikings have looked so impressive and people like me have been calling them frauds for not beating anyone. They come off a huge win and the are underdogs at home? 

That makes zero sense and don't be a square and take the Vikings. The Cowboys are a top team in the NFL and I think the Vikings will show how they really are as a team today. Vegas loves to throw this at you and be like how is a 8-1 team plus money at home. This is gambling 101 and I couldn't sit home and not tell the people about this pick. You can go ahead and fade it all you want but I responsibly but a lot of money on this so good luck to you all.