Ole Miss +4 Was The Gift Of The Day

Play to the final whistle ! 

Never quit ! 

All heart ! 

Insert whatever cliche you want, but whatever the phrase you choose ... Ole Miss clearly exemplifies it. The Rebels literally played to the final whistle and ripped out the hearts of Vanderbilt -4 bettors. To airball the three perfectly to a cutter on the baseline for a layup was just cruel. 

A modern day version of Dereck Whitenburg to Lorenzo Charles just instead of the most meaningful game of the season, and a historic upset it's a meaningless game in February that only matters to gamblers screaming at the SEC Network on their TV... and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

 God bless college basketball ...God bless Gambling. 

PS- I am aware I am 0-2 today. Let's all bunker down and turn this around