Trust The Data Has Signed Chris Klemmer As Our Lead MLB Analyst

This move makes too much sense. Since the NBA Finals ended, I've been trying to dip my toe in the MLB prop betting market. But as some people know, I am not a baseball fan (shoutout Tiko). I was never really into the sport growing up and would dread when the NBA ended and SportsCenter was just MLB highlights. There are so many factors and stats that I don't even know what they mean, I was in over my head.

But I did try. I spoke w/ Klemmer and Hubbs and anyone willing to talk to me about MLB stats. In doing so, I discovered Klemmer spends two hours every day in baseball reference.

So I proposed that he start trying to bet props. With a little tutelage, he started to get his footing and he's on a roll right now.

He's won four in a row at this point and is going for five in a row tonight. Here's his pick. 

and logic.

Trust the Data and Trust Klemmer!