Some Champions Will Finally Be Playing On The Dallas Cowboys Field This Weekend As The PLL Heads To Dallas

Say what you want about that sack of shit Jerry Jones, but the man managed to put together a rather kick ass practice facility for the Cowboys with The Star in Frisco, TX. This place is sick. 

The only issue is that for most of the year, it is utilized by a bunch of overhyped and underachieving losers. This whole damn practice complex for what? Dak to throw 10 interceptions per season instead of 14? 

It's a shame, really. A facility like that ought to be used by champions. An elite venue strictly for elite talent. Fortunately, that's what we'll have this weekend as the PLL makes a trip down to the Dallas area for week 6 of the regular season. 

So on this week's episode of The Crease Dive, we give all our picks and previews heading into the weekend. We also recap All Star Weekend from Louisville, talk about the finalists being announced for the first batch of host cities, and Doogs launches a take grenade saying that the Cannons are actually better without Lyle Thompson in the lineup. 

PLL Week 6 Schedule

Saturday, 6pm // Atlas (1-4) vs Chrome (1-4) // ESPN+

I'm not sure if this is more of a Must Win or a Can't Lose game. All I can tell you right now is that the loser will be in dead last place in the league. That's not the absolute worst thing in the world at this point in the season since 7 out of the 8 teams in the league make the playoffs. But still. You don't want to be entering the last 4 games of the summer as the worst team in the league. So I'll go ahead and dub this a Can't Lose. 

I still believe in the Atlas. I think they're way better than their record indicates. With that being said, their defense and goaltending has been super sketchy the past few weeks. So they sure as shit aren't going to win this game based on locking down the Chrome, they'll just need to outscore them. Which they're more than capable of. So give me Atlas -1.5 and the over. 

Saturday, 8:30pm // Cannons (3-2) vs Redwoods (3-2) // ESPN+

The Cannons are playing some great ball right now. Everything has been clicking for them the past few weeks. 

The Redwoods, on the other hand, we buzzing earlier in the season but they got their dicks kicked in the other week in Fairfield. They only put up 3 total goals against the Archers in a 10-3 loss, and didn't score a single goal in the 2nd half. So expect a big bounce back game out of that offense. I still really like the way the Cannons have been playing on both sides of the field, though, so let's not get too crazy here. Redwoods +1.5 it is. 

Sunday, 3pm // Waterdogs (4-1) vs Archers (4-1) // ABC

Potential championship preview game? It definitely wouldn't surprise me. Both these teams are absolute wagons. Both these teams have elite offense, great contributions from the midfielders, great defense, and all-world goalies. The only issue is that the Waterdogs starting goalie, Dillon Ward, will be out this week on paternity leave. Congrats on the sex. With that being the case, you have to give the edge to the Archers. So give me Archers -1.5 and considering this game is going to be on ABC, I'll take the over. We need a shit ton of goals on a nationally televised broadcast. 

Sunday, 5:30pm // Whipsnakes (1-4) vs Chaos (3-2) 

The Whipsnakes might have the worst injury luck out of any team I've ever seen before. I'm pretty sure half their roster is dead right now. The Chaos kicked the shit out of the Chrome during the last regular season week, and I feel like the week off for the All Star Game benefits this team more than anybody considering how much lacrosse most of their roster plays between the PLL and NLL seasons. So they'll have some fresher legs, and going up against a team that's being held together with duct tape and bubble gum. 

Over 23.5 and Chaos ML. 


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