Brutal Luck As An Aluminum Water Bottle Slipped Out Of a Fan's Backpack And Drilled Novak Djokovic In The Head Causing Him To Bleed

Crazy scene in Rome as Novak Djokovic was struck in the head by a water bottle as he was signing autographs leaving the court. While initially people assumed a fan threw the water bottle at him, it for sure slipped out of this guy's backpack. We can call off the ensuing Serbian-Italian war. 

Now before you say this was a LeBron-esque flop, it looks like this wasn't your run of the mill plastic water bottle, it was one of the aluminum hydroflasks that are like 32 oz and can weigh a good amount with water inside. Getting that dropped on your head? No bueno. That shit falling on you is gonna hurt like a bitch. 

Brutal luck for Novak and whoever the guy was. Probably a big fan, so close to getting an incredible autograph after watching him win a match in person and in a split second you've accidentally crippled him and caused him to bleed from his head. Can't be a worse feeling than that. Like Larry David tripped Shaq in Curb, only this time it seems like they avoided disaster.

Djokovic appears to have gotten lucky and didn't need stitches or anything like that.  This admittedly isn't as interesting of a blog now that it was proven to be an accident, but a wild scene nonetheless.