The Best Weekend in Racing is Upon Us and All Eyes Are on Kyle Larson

Thank you to those who have served and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is beautiful for a lot of reasons but race fans are especially lucky, as this Sunday is arguably their Super Bowl. Fans from all disciplines of racing will be spoiled with the F1 Monaco GP at 7:30am ET, Indianapolis 500 at 12:45pm ET, and Coca-Cola 600 at 6pm ET.

However this year is even more special for a different reason. 2021 NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Larson, will be competing in both the Indy 500 and Coke 600! Double Duty!

Christopher Owens. Shutterstock Images.

IndyCar and NASCAR in the same day. 1100 miles. 2 tracks.

Jeremy Hogan. Shutterstock Images.

Larson is set to wheel the #17 for Arrow McLaren Racing in the Indianapolis 500 at 12:45pm on Sunday, then pilot his usual #5 in the NASCAR Cup Series for their longest year of the race in Charlotte just hours later. 

Kyle "Yung Money" Miyata Larson will become the fifth driver to attempt it in the modern-era (since 1993, when Indy 500/Coke 600 were moved to same day) and the first since Kurt Busch in 2014. 

I’m not doubting Larson, who is currently +700 to win the Indy 500, and +450 to win the Coke 600 on DraftKings. It’s just that the logistical challenges surrounding this weekend that are a real threat. 

The forecast is ominous for Indianapolis this weekend and any related weather delays could throw a wrench in Larson’s meticulous minute by minute Sunday schedule. 

If that weren’t enough, Donald Trump will be attending the Coke 600 in Charlotte, which I can only assume means potentially closed airspace and more security at an already sold out event. 

But I'm all in on Larson regardless of the uncertainty, as is Mark Titus. Stay tuned for our full card coming early tomorrow @RubbinisRacing, and be sure to check out Titus and I's conversation on the Indy 500, and Larson' Double Duty:

and Large and I's preview of the Coca-Cola 600:

Following Rubbin is Racing for full coverage of the weekend as myself, Large, Chaps, Kate, and Cons will all be in Charlotte for the race to celebrate Memorial Day and #NASCARSalutes. 

Don't miss the F1 Monaco GP at 7:30am ET, Indianapolis 500 at 12:45pm ET, and Coca-Cola 600 at 6pm ET

Happy Memorial Day everyone!