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– If you wanted to wait to see a full round before wagering on who would take home the Green Jacket this year, your decision hasn’t paid off. That’s to be expected given there’s one less day to work with, and everyone has now seen how 1/4th of the tournament has unfolded. Of the Top 10 favorites entering Day 2 according to BetOnline, 8 currently has lower odds than their pre tourney odds. Only Jason Day and Dustin Johnson have better value. Here’s the current odds :

4-8 masters

Additionally, here’s a blueprint of just how much each guy’s odds have gone down. (Note : 0 odds = Player not listed pre tourney). For the full story read Stephen Campbell’s breakdown.

masters chart



Manny Pacquiao’s last fight (until he needs another paycheck) will be tomorrow night vs Timothy Bradley. The Pac Man is the favorite, but his age should make backers wonder if he still pac’s the same punch he once did (double pun intended). If you like Bradley at +175, you’ll want to read Justin Hartling’s column here as Bradley’s prop bet knockout odds start at +7500.

Full odds :

pacquio bradley


-In an odd scheduling quirk, the NHL’s only game tonight is Columbus and Buffalo. Full preview here.


– Trends of note via my friends at OddsShark.com



-Full MLB odds here 

-Trends of note via my friends at OddsShark.com – aka the official spot for trends and stats.

mlb 4-8




– All year when I was giving out College Football and College Hoops winners, I would get the same reactions. “Rico, thanks…but who’s your baseball guy” or “Rico, you dabble in MLB ? I can help you out !” I thought long and hard about how to give guys a chance for some exposure and came up with a fairly simple contest (although it took 3 days to perfect it).

Here it goes :

-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday submit a Google Form with your picks (max of 5 a day)

-Picks can be 1-3 units each but must be ML only. Bets will be based off $100 wagers. (IE- a -136 favorite is risk $136 to win $100, dogs are risk $100 to win their + value)

-A winner for total + money accumulated, and a winner for best record will be featured in this column along with their card for that day.

Before I announce the winners, let me tell you something- you guys weren’t fooling around. Over 70% of entries were in the + money, some with REALLY good totals of +1000 yet that landed you 22nd in the contest ! In fact the W-L record winner of the week almost swept the board, as he was just $107 dollars behind the +/- winner. Really impressive stuff, cut throat competition…keep it coming. Without further ado here’s your two winners. (Note : Odds are as of 9am EST via BetOnline on the OddsShark.com page)

Best +/- result : @Bpap83 +2207 (record was 14-3)

Philadelphia +216 = 1 unit

Small play on the Phillies to spoil the Mets opening day.  -235 is steep in my opinion and with the Phillies throwing their young stud who gets huge strike out numbers, you could get some really good value if he gets going early.

Toronto -162 =  3 units

The Red Sox had a more than bizarre opening series in Cleveland with the opening game being pushed because of the cold and the 3rd game being postponed because of snow. Looks like the Sox are staying on track and starting Joe Kelly against the Jays Marcus Stroman. This is just too big of a mismatch in my opinion. Look for the Jays to knock Kelly out early and test the Red Sox new bullpen.

Pittsburgh -148 =  3 units

Liriano throws well , even on the road. Cincy misses Frazier in their lineup as well.

St. Louis -151 = 3 units 

Rico faded Nova, I fade the Braves every chance I get. Hopefully this turns out better than his did. ”


Best W-L record  : @jpierce18  9-0 for +$2107 

Blue Jays -162 =  3 units 
The Rogers Centre will be flowing with plenty of LeBatts or whatever they drink up there in America’s Hat, aka Canada. The Jays are a flat out better team than the Red Sox, and the rest of the AL East for that matter. They also have the better starting pitching tonight in Stroman over Joe “effing” Kelly. Jelly should be what Stroman is but he isn’t. He throws hard but he throws it straight or he tips his pitches which is a death sentence against a potent Jays lineup. ML should be -200 but with the Red Sox name being what it is, the line is watered down. Hammer the Blue Jays.

Mets -235 = 3 units 
The deGrom-inator versus the lowly Phillies. Do I really need to say anything else. That’s why the ML is north of -200. Another home opener favorite, easy cash to get the weekend started on the right foot. This should be BP for the Mets offense…but it is the Mets so they may just put up 3 runs. If the Mets give up more than 2 runs, I’d be shocked. There’s a reason why Philadelphia celebrated the ‘Nova NCAA Championship…it’s because their town stinks and so does its professional sports.

Tigers  -114 = 1 unit 
This is the one I’m most worried about it and is why it’s the lowest ML I have on my board. Jordan Zimmerman coming over from the NL gets the start. Always take a wait and see approach to those guys but I liked his stuff in the Nation’s Capital so I’m rolling with him. The book (my brain) is still out on Severino who starts for New York. Yankees offense is going to take a while to get going if it ever does. They’ll need to have the weather turn and play a lot of home games in that backyard they call Yankee Stadium. My backyard growing up was a harder place to hit home runs in wiffleball than it is in the Stadium. Detroit, on the other hand, has one of my favorite hitters to watch in Miggy Cabrera. He’s Mike Trout with more experience but no speed. ”


Be sure to follow both of this week’s winners for some extra cash. Look for Week 2’s contest starting Monday.


– Big apology to my man/ OG Rico Rider Hank for thinking his spelling was bad, turns out it’s Milmore at fault. Won’t happen again Hank.

-Programming alert. El Pres has agreed to give his takes on The Derby right before May. That should be fun… please tweet me any questions with #RicoHorses.

-Enjoy the games !

Last Week : 1-0

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