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Back at it. Another spring weekend, another 3 days loaded with sports. If you haven’t learned yet, OddsShark.com is the spot for all your trends,match up previews, and analysis.


– Cavs are -4 heading to Detroit, San Antonio is -11.5 heading to Memphis, and The Celtics are -3 hosting the Hawks. Full NBA odds here.

Given how many Stoolies are from Boston, here’s a deeper look into that Celtics game tonight :



Remember, OddsShark.com has similar breakdowns to this one, for every game on the board. Just click Match Up or Preview on their page.


– Tonight : Nate’s Washington Capitals look to close out Smitty’s Flyers , KFC’s Islanders head to Florida vs the Panthers, Dallas hosts the Kings, and Los Angeles hosts San Jose. Full NHL odds here.

– The Islanders Panthers series has been very exciting and notched up at 2-2, so let’s dive into that one a little deeper, courtesy of OddsShark.com 



-Other NHL Notes :

– Joe Osborne warns Wild backers just how good The Stars have been at home in this column.

-Andrew Avery points out, the home ice has been way less friendly to The Kings given the trends.


-Full slate of games as usual tonight. For the odds click here.

– While reading OddsShark.com, plenty of trends starting to jump out when looking at which MLB games to wager on. Here’s a few for you to win some more cash for Arizona Iced Teas :

– Joe Osborne does a great job pointing out King Felix’s dominance versus the Angels last season. He is on the hill once again tonight.

My favorite nugget : King Felix went 3-1 with 43 K’s and a 1.80 ERA in 40 IP. Even better, when pitching at Angels Stadium, the location of tonight’s game, Hernandez had a 1.42 ERA while striking out 22 batters in 19 innings of work.

-Sonny Gray (A’s) and Aaaron Sanchez (Blue Jays) is the pitching match up to watch tonight, here’s the trends on that one :



Justin Hartling confirms what anyone with eyes has already been watching this season, The Cubs are pounding people.

I enjoyed this one : Kris Bryant is 4-10 with two homers versus The Reds this season.

UFC 197 

– My guy Justin Hartling has you covered here.



On the horizon :


– Odds have been posted on The Derby. Check here.

– The favorite is Nyquist, Mike Dempsey has a rundown of what you need to know about him.

-The plan is to have an interview with horse expert owner Dave Portnoy about the Derby the week of and feature it in the column. Should be a lot of fun, stay tuned.


Have a great weekend everyone, pulling huge for my friend Hank’s Celtics.

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