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Well, I always try to make this column eventful but I don’t think we have a shot to top Laremy Tunsil’s antics last night. My god, what a disaster ! Congrats if you hit your “a draft prospect will make have not 1 but 2 social media accounts hacked both with damaging info prop bet for +9382457.

While there won’t be any surprise bong hits, or admissions of taking cash from a former coach, there will be more info of all things betting,odds and trends via our friends at OddsShark.com . If you’ve been under a rock, OddsShark.com is the spot for all things trends, as well as my go to spot for betting news.


Lines are out for tonight’s games. See below for a full breakdown.



One series I had no real interest in early on was the Hornets-Heat. Turns out, it’s been rather compelling. For a dive deeper into that series, here’s some trends for you, as well as a full write up by Stephen Campbell.



Full MLB odds can be found here, but here’s a handful of trends for a few marquee games :



Playoffs odds for tonight :


OddsShark.com has a breakdown for each game, here’s a look :




Shame my good friend Hank’s Celtics got cold at the worst time last night, either way it’s gotta be nice to have cap room and 8 picks in the draft, something foreign to Knicks fans.

On a lighter note… D’Jais opens this weekend. Everyone have a hammer eraser on me at The West Bar. Tell Steve, Jen ,Justin, Coop and Charlie… Rico says hello.

Enjoy the games … Happy Friday

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