D'Jais Hunka Bunka Reunion Taking You Into The Weekend


Every summer you wait for it. Sometime in June or early July, Kipples gets on the mic at D’Jais and drops the bomb you’ve been waiting for. “Just wanna let everyone the Hunka Bunka reunion will be ___.” The place goes bonkers, he drops another classic house song, and you immediately clear your calendar for that Saturday.

This year, D’Jais has announced it’s doing TWO Hunka Bunka Reunions. One this weekend, and one on August 20th (rough date per my guys down there.)

Like having two Christmas’s or two birthdays this truly is a blessing.

Let’s go to the soundtrack :

and of course…. the one that makes the place really jump :


Veteran’s tip : The Hunka Bunka gear is FIRE every year


“Clear the stage for the dance contest ”