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Kevin Durant shook up the NBA universe by signing with the Warriors instead of inking a one-year deal with the Thunder like most expected. Some say with power comes great responsibility, we say with free agent signings comes great props. Here’s the link for all things KD this season including points per game and points per game compared to teammate Steph Curry.


Despite the announcement that Jon Jones has been removed from UFC 200 due to a potential doping violation, two UFC titles will be on the line at the T-Mobile Arena on July 9 – not to mention the return of Brock Lesnar. Here’s OddsShark’s Justin Hartling’s takes on all the big fights, with odds below.

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It’s always good news when Vegas takes a beating. And this year has been a very good year for bettors in MLB. OddsShark’s Jon Campbell dives into the numbers and tells you why.


Futures Friday 

NCAA Football is right around the corner (Thank God), and with that comes odds on to win the conference title in the ACC, Big 10 and SEC.

Who I think will win these conferences is different from where I see value in betting. I try to avoid the favorites especially in big time conferences as the odds never pay off. Rather I look a little deeper and take shots at a good team who brings big value. Regulars to this column will remember Seton Hall winning the Big East conference in hoops as a big payout last March by the same rationale.

Here’s my thoughts on these three conferences.

ACC- Clemson is loaded, and off the best season in program history and just short of a title, yet Florida State may actually be more talented as practices in Tallahassee are basically their own pro-day. Gotta like the Noles at +225 here.

Big 10- Michigan is loaded yes, and Ohio State is just as good. On that same side of the conference is Michigan State who is never out of it as far as I’m concerned. But people forget, Iowa was 27 seconds from a bid to the National Playoff and plays on the clearly weaker other side of the conference. They avoid Ohio State and Michigan State altogether and get Nebraska, Northwestern, and Michigan at home. Like the value of Iowa at +900 here because I am fairly confident in them winning that side of the conference and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the money line of the Big Ten title game if they faced Michigan or Ohio State will be less than that come game time. Consider this your best chance to get Iowa with maximum odds.

SEC: You could be really boring and take Bama. You’d probably be right, but without a doubt you’d be boring. Convention wisdom for those looking to pick anyone but Bama, points to loaded LSU and Heisman frontrunner Leonard Fournette at +350,  the sexy team everyone loves in Tennessee at +650. I personally wouldn’t take Tennesee as I don’t like the hype. I guess if I had to I’d take LSU but I’m not in love with those odds.  If you want to really roll the dice, I’d say Georgia would be the one you want to play at 10-1.


Dipping my hand back in the baseball waters with two picks I really like :

Texas Rangers -210

If you remember we faded the Twins earlier this year to a win and I’ll do the same here. Oddly, Kyle Gibson actually beat Texas in his last start but was smacked around with 4 runs over 6.2 innings. On the flip side from the gas-can that is Gibson ,is Cole Hamels. He’s 9-2 and aside from his last outing (loss to the Twins) he hasn’t given up more than 3 runs since June 1st. Check out his pitching log via OddsShark.com. Think Texas routs this one 8-2 or 7-1.

Blue Jays -162

Take it from a Mets fan. When the tough gets going, Mike Pelfrey quits. Expect the big sissy to pack it in again Friday night vs a loaded Blue Jays team in the dome. 11-2 J.A. Happ going for the Jays doesn’t hurt either. Wouldn’t be surprised if this hits -180 -190 by game time.


Let’s bring home two more winners tonight. Have a great weekend Rico Riders, especially Hank.


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