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Last night was the first preseason games of the year, which means it’s officially football season.With football season comes futures. The biggest future of them all is The Super Bowl. Looking to place a Super Bowl bet? Check out the tips via Joe Osborne. Lot of good stuff in there specifically related to teams who missed the playoffs the year before.

UFC 202

Who’s excited for two guys to beat the crap out of each other ? My man Justing Hartling is. He’s got the odds on every prop of McGregror vs Diaz. Check out his stuff here, and the odds below.

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LOT of guys asking questions on who to look at for the Heisman race. It’s pretty simple to see know that Alabama is going to be in the title discussion. In fact the only people not bright enough to understand that are likely from Alabama- but that’s because when you ask a majority of them what they got on their SAT’s the answer is “drool”, but I digress.

You know I love value, and so does Justin Hartling, as he gives a valid case why Bama WR Calvin Ridley looks to become just the 4th WR ever to win the award. At +2500, you’d be a fool not to consider the case. Here it is.


USA ! USA ! USA ! As the United States continues it’s dominance, you can still make wagers on every Olympic event. Check the board out here.


As always, you can get your up to date MLB odds , pitching match ups, and team history for every game on the board tomorrow.

Batter up right here. 



College Football O/U Win Totals

Got four for you guys right here in order of confidence.

Boston College UNDER 6.5 Wins (-130) 8 units 

I LOVE this one. Simple math , BC will lose to GT, at V Tech, Clemson, at NC State, Louisville and at Florida State. Their guaranteed wins at Wagner, Umass, and I’ll even give them Buffalo. That’s 3-6 with one game left to lose vs Syracuse (with my boy Dino Babers from Bowling Green) , UConn and at Wake Forest. I’ll take my chances on that everyday of the week. Cannot stress this one enough. I love this under.

San Diego State OVER 9.5 Wins (-155) 6 units 

Wanted to get this one in before Clay Travis steals it again. The Aztecs were a force last year after an unexplained 1-3 start. They avoid Boise in the MWC, and get rebuilding Cal at home. Phil Steele is saying they could go unbeaten, and in a power 6 bowl. What I saw from their defense and run game last year I can’t argue with the thought of them being 12-0. So even in a big juice scenario, I’m very very confident they get 10 wins. In fact including a much weaker Cal, there’s only 4 games I see as real tests on this schedule. At Northern Ill, At Utah State and at Nevada. I’m really confident they beat Cal , and even going to a tough MAC environment I think they beat N.Ill, which means unless they lose in a monster upset they can afford the two losses to Utah State and Nevada and still be 10-2. Aztecs fellas.

Iowa OVER 8.5 Wins (-150) 5 units 

Simple glance at the schedule. Lose-able games : Wisconsin, Michigan , Northwestern, at Penn State, Nebraska. I’m admitting they lose to Michigan and I’ll even give you a loss at Penn State for arguments sake, which means they are playing with 10-2. but I cannot cannot cannot see an 0-3 (= total record 7-5) at home versus Nebraska, Wiscy and Northwestern. They’ll for sure win 1, but more likely 2, which means 9-3. The fact that Nebraska is the last game of the season also leaves us a hedge opportunity. If they are at worst case 8-3 coming in, just take the Nebraska money line.

Tennessee UNDER 10 Wins (-125) 2 units 

Ranked this one last because I understand it’s the most likely to be wrong. Yes, they are loaded. But I just don’t necessarily think they make the jump to top 5 team. I also see a brutal stretch of Florida, at Georgia, at Texas A&M, and Bama could wear them down. Again, I’m fully prepared to have egg on my face, but I’m willing to gamble against the Vols either way.

– Yo Hank… they said I was dead. “That’s absolute garbage and it’s rubbish, and it’s not true.” Straight to the bank this fall …

Last Week : 0-1 on a straight up bad pick with the Indians

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