DJ Chris Campaniolo's Mix Takes You Into The Weekend

Big on showcasing local guys who are Stoolies who specialize in a skill and giving them their due props. If you can cut hair, if you can make a good dish, or in Chris’s case if you can spin… I’m gonna give you some love.

The party scene is filled with a bunch of guys who got comfortable as a resident and never put in the hustle because it’s a guaranteed cash payout every week. This guy’s a local kid from NJ who’s out there on the weekends working his ass off in the clubs trying to make a name for himself.

I got passed his info through a friend and haven’t not had it on in the car, the phone or the office since. I looked him up,turns out, Chris is also a Rico Rider.  We take care of our own, so do yourself a favor and listen to the mix above (that Whitney mix at 45 mins is FIRE), and all his others here. As always hit him up for parties, and events on Twitter @DjChrisCamp 

Happy weekend.

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