Recapping The Opening Night Of College Football

After an appetizer on Saturday, last night marked the true open of college football. There weren’t any matchups between ranked opponents, but there was still enough electricity to open the season in style:

Row the DAMN boat, baby!

Things were going so well for Indiana early!


They had OSU so nervous, the Buckeye coaches were picking their noses on national TV!

Unfortunately for Indiana fans everywhere, OSU remembered their third stringers are more talented than the Hoosiers and opened a can of whoop ass on the Hoosiers.

Indiana fans, who chanted “O-VER-RATED” earlier in the game and proclaimed themselves a #FootballSchool, suddenly got sad :(.



Les Miles’ 2017 on-air debut was….well….interesting?

The Mad Hatter went to the bathroom mid-broadcast and kept his mic on while trying to find said bathroom. Stay retired, Les…the world needs to see more of you like this!

It’s exciting that last night marked the return of CFB, but after the rumors during the off-season that Mike Gundy’s mullet would possibly be no more, the world was more than happy to see it out in full force in Stillwater, Oklahoma on Thursday.

Turns out Oklahoma State is going to score a BAJILLION points a game on Big 12 defenses this year.

Mike Gundy is a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs.

I would set this line at Referee -800/Cole Cubelic +550.

Florida A&M’s equipment manager is getting fired (if they have one?).

We had ourselves a fair dose of #MACtion last night with a triple OT game, even though it involved Rhode Island (who lost a game to James Madison last year 84-7).

The Randy Edsall era 2.0 got off to a phenomenal start!

The haters came out in full force during the first half not realizing that UConn is #REstorred. Those same haters became REAL quiet when the Huskies went on to score 20 unanswered points to beat the 4-7 Holy Cross Crusaders in a comeback that will be talked about for ages.

Practice makes perfect, ya’ll. Can never practice the fundamentals ENOUGH. Winning is a mindset. UConn is onto South Florida next week to continue the process of being #REstorred.

In a tribute to the Braves, Georgia State opened Turner Field with a loss to Tennessee State.

The debate for “Catch Of The Year” began and ended last night, with this catch that OBJ would be jealous of.

If last night wasn’t enough for you don’t worry….there’s more football tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. Football is back and there’s absolutely NO denying it