Doug Gottlieb Isn't Happy That Ohio State QB Joey Burrow Wants A Free Burger Without Getting In Trouble With The NCAA

Yesterday, a fairly fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal reported the value of college football programs Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Texas in the BILLIONS:

This caught the eye of players on said teams, who are making sure that these programs pockets stay lined while they are compensated with a “free education” they can’t take advantage of because playing Power 5 football is a 60+ hour a week job. One of those players, Ohio State QB Joey Burrow, took to Twitter to discuss the WSJ article:

Most rational people would look at Burrow’s tweet and chuckle. As you may have heard, twitter dot com doesn’t have the most rational people and if you want to piss some middle-aged losers off on twitter dot com just have an “entitled millennial athlete” vouch for his compensation as a NCAA athlete. Nothing brings out the “I worked THREE JOBS and graduated college DEBT FREE, I would’ve KILLED to be in a spot like you are in” crowd like the age-old “should NCAA players get paid?” debate.


I wouldn’t call Doug Gottlieb a “loser” per se, but he was one of the guys to come out of the woodwork when he saw Burrow’s harmless tweet:

I, mean, come on Doug. All the kid wants is a free hamburger from time to time. I know you are a NCAA elitist who yearns for a simpler time when the Big East (IT WAS #REAL BASKETBALL) was still intact and the college kids weren’t entitled, but I think it’s time for you to get off your high horse. The kids should be paid. You profit off the kids, just like any other sports analyst that looks at college sports.

Doug, also, didn’t realize that Burrow wasn’t going to go off into the night quietly:



Darren Rovell saw dollar signs and sports being talked about in the same discussion, so you KNOW he had to get involved:

Darren….my guy… time sit this one out. This conversation isn’t meant for #nerds.

Gotta wonder how the effects Burrow’s #brand. We all know what happened the last time a backup Ohio State QB had a tweet that went viral about school….OSU 2019 national champs CONFIRMED.

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