Cute Couple Costume Ideas: College Football Edition

The internets have been buzzing the past few days with a HOT new meme: 

So, I decided to whip up some of my own cute couple’s costume ideas for the couple that loves them some FOOTBAWL.

Butch Jones & Create LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIN

Manti Te’o & NothingManti Te'O

Oklahoma Band Nerd & Boomer Sooner FlowchartBoomer SOONER

Harvey Updyke & Spike 80DFAlabama

Tua Tagovailo & Learning EnglishEnglish

Nick Saban & Rat PoisonSaban

Coach O & Cookie MonsterCookie Monster

Jacob Eason & The BenchJacob Eason

LSU & Chicken-On-A-StickChicken On A Stick

Chris Petersen & ESPN LIESimgonline-com-ua-twotoone-nq2oq3yM0Q1c

Sam Darnold & Tennessee Turnover Trash CanSam Darnold

Mike Leach & Dog The Bounty HunterMike Leahc

Jim Mora & Trash CanJim Mora

BYU Football Player & Caffeine (NOW ALLOWED ON CAMPUS!)BYU

Oklahoma Field & Iowa State FlagIowa State Flag

Baker Mayfield & HUGE CopBaker Police

Ohio State Stadium & Baker Mayfield Running With OU Flagimgonline-com-ua-twotoone-0JD3iIIpS1z

Kansas Football Fan & Month Of November (Is it basketball season yet?)Kansas November

Bobby Petrino & MotorcycleMotroCycle Bobby

North Carolina Football Player & Learn How To Read BookUNC Learn To Read

Jameis Winston & Corrupt CopJameis NMoney

Jameis Winston & Crab LegsJameis Crab Legs

Darren Rovell & Trust Yourself SignNorthwestern Trust Yourself

Urban Meyer & Papa Johns Pizza Box Urban Papa Johns

Jim Harbaugh & Empty Trophy CaseHarbaugh Trophy Case

Naked Jim McElwain & SharkMcElwain

Brett Bielema & GOOD BOYBrett Beliema

Lane Kiffin & CoedLane Kiffin