Florida Atlantic's Campus Now Features A Lane Kiffin Train #THEfaU

Move over Miami, there is a new U in Florida:

SB Nation-An FAU spokeswoman said Kiffin’s head was also on the back of the train. The school’s cheerleaders are the smiling people in the red shirts, waving from the train. I asked about how the train came about, wondering if there was some sort of special occasion that brought the train about. It doesn’t appear there was. Rather, FAU’s marketing department did this just to do it.

Damn right. FAU doesn’t need a reason to celebrate the most desired bachelor in Boca Raton.

(Side note: I’m sure Lane was happy to hear that the first people to ride his train were FAU cheerleaders)

If you aren’t on the Lane Kiffin FAU train at this point, I don’t know what to tell ya. After starting 1-3, #THEfaU has been flattening every C-USA member in sight and moved to 5-3 this past weekend.

The Owls may be one of the most electric teams in the country, averaging 52 points and 564 yards on offense their last 4 games. I haven’t done the stats or any research, but that has to be break at least 69 records. Why 69, you ask? That is thanks to the 69 points the Owls put up against North Texas two weeks ago:

The Lane Kiffin revival project has been nothing short of a success. One that started off with recently divorced Lane hanging out in a Boca Raton club next to a couple coeds is now at the point where we may not see Lane at FAU for that much longer.

I have loved watching FAU run all over the C-USA, but my favorite part of Boca Raton Lane has been his growth as an internet troll:

Everything about Lane Kiffin is GOOD for college football, folks.