Chick-fil-A Wins Again: Will Open A Pop-Up Restaurant On Alabama-Georgia Border And Will Serve Free Food During Georgia-Auburn Game This Weekend

Eater-Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A operates most of its locations in the heart of college football country, so of course the chain is opening a one-day-only pop-up in honor of one of the sport’s biggest games. Auburn University and the University of Georgia meet this Saturday for the 121st playing of the “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.” The self-proclaimed chicken sandwich inventor plans to serve free food to fans of the two schools.

UGA is located in Athens, Georgia, and Auburn is about 175 miles to the southwest in Auburn, Alabama. Chick-fil-A is planting its pop-up between the universities “on the Georgia-Alabama border,” according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. A representative for the chain tells Eater it will take up residence at 400 Third Avenue in West Point, Georgia. That address does indeed appear to be just a few steps from the state line.

The “Rivalry Restaurant,” as it’s being called, will be split in half, with one side decorated in Auburn’s orange and blue and the other covered with Georgia’s red and black. In addition to the free food, fans will find face-painting, customized mini-Chick-fil-A cows, and televisions showing the matchup. The party will take place on top of a makeshift football field, perfect for over-zealous fans to work out some aggression with pick-up games.

Brilliant. Wish I could be there. There are very few combinations in this world that go together like SEC football and Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A, again and again, continues to dominate in brilliant moves. It seems to me they are only being open on Sundays away from being the greatest fast food chain to exist.

Former Auburn linebacker Takeo Spikes and ex-Georgia quarterback David Greene will be on hand to mingle with the crowd. Food service runs until the start of the fourth quarter, and the pop-up will shut down shortly after the game ends.

I hope this works out. Really, from the bottom of my heart, I do, but who wouldn’t be down for a fight between a Georgia and Auburn fan going at it on location?!?! I can see it now, a Georgia and Auburn fan both grab the last sandwich as the fourth quarter begins. Sort of two cars pull in at the same time for the last parking spot situation. Next thing you know, voices are being raised and punches are being thrown. If you tell me you don’t want to see that video pop up on your Twitter timeline on Saturday you are a liar.

Georgia-Auburn is going to be absolutely intoxicating on Saturday. The game is also a good time to bring back one of the greatest GIFs in the history of the world, brought to us by the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry:

georgia-coaches-react-to-auburn-hail-mary (1)

Wouldn’t mind a similar GIF on Saturday but from the Chick-fil-A pop up store with a bunch of sad Auburn/Georgia fans.

P.S. Get a load of this guy going all the way to a monk monastery in India and having the Monks do the Callin the Dawgs?

Nothing more SEC.

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