Butch Jones Spent His Final Hours As Tennessee Head Coach Telling 2018 Commits "Find A Place To Go, Quickly"

Well, I guess we have a new king on the petty streets:

Orlando Sentinel-Tennessee commit Tanner Ingle didn’t have to chase down the truth amid rumors about the status of Volunteers head coach Butch Jones on Sunday. The ousted coach called Ingle personally.

“I spoke with Coach Jones about 30 minutes ago,” the Orlando Dr. Phillips defensive back said about 12:30 Sunday afternoon. “He said he didn’t really expect that to happen, but it did so he told me to find a place to go, quickly … and that if he gets anything he will contact me.”

Ingle said he remains committed to Tennessee, but his recruitment is open and that NC State looks to be the frontrunner for his services.

Don’t know how I feel about this one from Butch. There are multiple possible reasons why he could have done this. The first of which is he knows the next staff at Tennessee does not have to honor these recruits offers, so he wanted to give his commits a head start on getting back in the recruiting game. The second reason could be Butch Jones thinks Tennessee is such a damn dumpster fire that he doesn’t want to see any of his former commits end up going there. Coaches do develop relationships with players that they recruit and, usually, want nothing but the best for them.

The third reason, the one I am a believer of, is Butch Jones wants to see Tennessee burn. In your school/office/family, I’m sure you know of one or two people who constantly shove self-help shit down your throat. When you are just trying to eat your food, you’ll have a co-worker continuing on and on about running a marathon or how waking up at 6:00 AM every day and working out increases your chance of making 20% more money because they saw some Business Insider article about it. The funny part about these “positive thinkers” is when things don’t go their way they get mad…very mad. They become spiteful. I’m only 21 and I’ve seen it. That is what Butch Jones is doing here. Butch “Life Champion” Jones was the self-help guru of Tennessee football and, my oh my, have the positive thinking tables turned. He wants to see Tennessee burn and I can’t say I hate the move. Spite is what makes the college football world go round.

Update on GRUMORS:

The only thing that could put Tennessee fans in a deeper depression would be Jon Gruden taking the coaching job at Florida or with Tennessee’s NFL team. I am beyond in on seeing both of those happen just to see what would happen on Rocky Top.

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P.S. LANE!!!!