Man Shot In Alabama During Argument Over Alabama And Auburn Football

WKRG-MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Mobile Police say one person was shot Monday night in an argument over Alabama and Auburn football.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting near a motel on the Interstate-65 Service Road South around 7:23pm.  The victim said he was arguing with another man over which college football team is better, Alabama or Auburn.

The male suspect got mad over the argument, pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the thigh, police said.  The suspect, who police did not identify, fled the scene and has not been arrested.

It. Just. Means. More.

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The condition of the male victim is unknown at this time.

Mobile Police did not specify whether the shooter was an Alabama or Auburn fan, nor did they disclose the victim’s favorite team.

Fuck. Why even report on this if you aren’t going to tell us who shot who?!?  I’m here to watch Alabama/Auburn fans use such an event as to further their argument on Twitter. “Well hell, PAWL, we are going to take out Auburn like my fellow Bammer who shot that War Eagle a few weeks ago!” “That shot was for Cam Newton” “I guess that top-5 recruit doesn’t want to play for a school with real fans who shoot their rivals in the thigh. I ain’t care, let that boy go play in Saban’s devil factory.”

Because there is a lot up in the air concerning the shot heard around Alabama, I decided to have a little fun.

Who Fired The Shot? 

Alabama Fan -150

Auburn Fan +120

Did The Fan Shoot Himself? Aka A Plaxico Burress/Cheddar Bob Situation? 

Yes +1000

No -15000

Did Either Fan Go To The Colleges They Root For?

Yes +9000000000

No (line is not offered)

Highest Form Of Education In Fight:

4-Year College Degree 50/1

Community College Degree 30/1

Devry University/Other Online University 35/1

High School Degree 10/1

GED 15/1

What a story. Still doesn’t beat what happened in Oklahoma a decade ago, but nonetheless, never change Alabama…ever.

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Week and a half until the Iron Bowl. My body is ready.

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P.S. I think about this clip once a day.