Odell Beckham Jr. Pulled Move Of The Weekend By Getting The LSU Band To Play "Neck" After He Told Them He'd Pay The Fine

Saturday night after their 45-21 victory, an old tune by the LSU band rang throughout death valley:

That song that the entire section is losing their minds about it is “Neck,” a song by Cameo and Dem Franchize Boyz:

Since that song came out, bands across the country started playing the hook. I’m not sure who was the first song to play it, but it’s popular among historically black colleges and universities like Southern University in Louisiana. At some point in 2006, the LSU band started playing “Neck” to which the crowd quickly added their own remix by screaming “SUCK THAT TIGER DICK BITCH” at certain points. It turns out such a statement doesn’t sound that bad to a bunch of drunk college students, so the chant caught on quick. By 2007, the song was the rally cry for the national champion Tigers.

LSU administration wasn’t a fan of the growing chant about sucking Tiger dick, so at some point in 2008-2010 Neck was banned. Sometimes the band would play it, but the tradition of playing Neck was dead in Louisiana, leaving a lot of people unhappy with the pussification of America (because if we stop people from yelling “SUCK THAT TIGER DICK” what’s next?). Apparently, there is a fine associated with playing the song in Tiger stadium.

Enter Odell Beckham Jr. on Saturday, who came back to LSU to watch Saturday’s game:

And apparently was to thank for the LSU band bringing Neck back to LSU:


Odell Beckham, thanks for being you. Thank you so, so much for being you.

Hopefully, the Giants pay Odell soon and he devotes some of his contract to allow Neck be played every game because it’s the most electric chant in sports and should be required by law to be played every LSU home game.

(WARNING: do not watch if you don’t want this stuck in your head for the rest of the day)