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Tennessee's Dumpster Fire Of Incompetence Grows: Fires AD John Currie, Former Coach Phillip Fulmer Has Been Sabotaging Entire Head Coaching Search

Last night, it seemed that Mike Leach was going to be named Tennessee’s head coach today:

For all that had gone wrong in the coaching search up to last night, coming out with Mike Leach wouldn’t have been that bad. Turns out such a solution to Tennessee’s coaching search was WAY too easy:

Turns out a huge part of the firing had to do with ex-head coach Phillip Fulmer, who was the coach from 1992-2008 and won a national championship & two SEC championships:

Amazing. Who would’ve thought that the best episode of the latest Game Of Thrones season would’ve came out of Tennessee!

At least, Currie went down swinging:

Quite ironic that Currie, who was enemy #1 for the entire week, was fired after doing what the fans actually wanted.

Let’s check in on the famous Tennessee rock:


The 30 For 30 on this is going to be AWESOME. “What if I told you a real-life Game Of Thrones coaching search on Rocky Top resulted in Tennessee football hitting Rocky Bottom.”

More on this to come……College Football is such a dumb, dumb sport.


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