ESPN Spends Entire Segment Previewing Bowl Game Between Michigan-Mississippi State, A Bowl Game That Doesn't Exist

You just hate to see it. Mistakes happen, I get it, but having an entire segment on Mississippi State with the words South Carolina right in front of you? Can you be any more robotic?

I don’t know how the pre-production aspect of this show works, but I assume they have each highlight package ready to go as each game begins to be previewed. So, this fuck up goes down the chain. Maybe if they had a few more eyes looking over the pre-production something like this wouldn’t have happened! Instead, ESPN is laying off their employees left and right! During the holidays nonetheless!

The mess up involved Jonathan Vilma (there is apparently a bounty out on the producer now) and Greg McIlroy, but I want to take the time to remind everyone that one of their fellow analysts, Joey Galloway, picked Baylor to win the Big 12 this year:

Baylor finished the season 1-11.

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