MSNBC Conducts Absurd Interview With Alabama Man Who Voted For Nick Saban In Special Senate Election

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 4.06.27 PM

Wait, this video actually worked?

So, it seems to me that the liberal media sent Catie Beck down to Alabama to find the dumbest man at the polls that voted for Nick Saban. Much to MSNBC’s liking, Catie Beck achieved that and much, much more. Not only did she find the dumbest man in Alabama, she may have found the dumbest man in the world.

Don’t know much about Catie Beck, but I do know if she rewatches this clip she won’t be sleeping well tonight because of Greg Dobbins. Look at him looking at her before the interview:


I don’t know what he looks like more: a kid in a candy shop or a serial killer hunting his prey. Tell me this isn’t a child inside an adult’s body


We have finally found who keeps Paul Finebaum show in business. PAWLLLLLL!!! ROY MOORE AND DOUG JONES AINT PLAYED NOBODY PAWLLL!!!

What a time to be alive, folks. What a time be alive.

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