UCF Will Hold A "Block Party" To Celebrate Their "National Championship" On Monday, An Hour Before The Actual National Championship Game

Could you make this up? No, but who cares. It’s 2018, you can be whatever you want, and if you want to say you’re the national champions then goddamit, you are the national champions. Whoever wins the NIT this year, they are also national champions. Having just one national champion is SO 2017.

The tone of the blog I wrote about UCF claiming the national championship was negative. I don’t regret writing that blog, but I definitely could’ve written with a better tone. The more I thought about UCF’s championship claim the more I started to chuckle. Good for UCF. I was taking the whole thing way too seriously and had a biased view as a UConn fan who still isn’t over UCF not embracing the Civil ConFLiCT as the sports greatest rivalry. College football is a dumb sport that is a lot of fun. Hanging a banner for a national championship you didn’t win? That’s dumb and fun. Holding a block party for your national championship just a few hundred miles away from the actual national championship game? Dumb and fun. Selling national championship shirts? DUMB AND FUN!

Leaving a spot for the national championship trophy you aren’t going to receive? DUMB AND FUN!

Nothing but respect for #MyNationalChampions:

What UCF is doing is great. They are creating a conversation about their program and the legitimacy of G5 teams. Their AD has had spots on ESPN throughout the past few days and has ESPN’s midday talk shows discussing an AAC team, just a few days before the national championship. UCF was 0-12 just two years ago and now all this is happening. Phenomenal. We could look back on this in 3-5 years as to why the CFP expanded. As trolly and funny this whole thing is, UCF may be accomplishing something big here.

I just have one tip. After this “block party” is over on Monday, they should all hop on a private jet and head to Atlanta. With 150 or so purchased tickets in a visible section, UCF should show up around the 2nd quarter fully padded up. Sitting front and center with a WWE title belt will be their AD Danny White and right next to him will be Shaqueem Griffin with the national championship trophy that they somehow stole:


When the final whistle is blown, all 150 players and coaches all stand up in unison and walk out as their music is playing. A perfect ending to the 2017 season.

P.s. If you are one of those UCF fans who think it’s legitimate for UCF to claim the national championship because “Alabama did it in 1962,” I hope you suffer through infinite 0-12 seasons in the future. In 1962 there was no national championship game and teams claimed national championships off of newspapers rankings. It’s not 1962 anymore and we have this thing called the college football playoff. Wake up.