When Asked About UCF's Peach Bowl Win, Blake Bortles Responded, "National Champs" With A Straight Face

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UCF’s claim of the 2017 national championship is quickly turning into the story of the year in college football (it’s only been 8 days, but who cares). After last week’s news they would hang a national championship banner in their stadium and hold a parade/block party to celebrate their national championship, UCF had the entire college football world debating. Even Florida’s governor Rick Scott got involved:

One of UCF football’s best alums is the man who led his team to a playoff victory yesterday. Some might say winning a playoff game with only 87 yards of passing and just two completions that traveled more than 5-yards downfield would be impossible, but when a UCF alum like Blake Bortles hears the word impossible, he thinks of two words….”I’m possible.” After his 88-yard rushing performance, Blake Bortles, who many are calling the white Michael Vick, was asked about UCF’s Peach Bowl victory:

Nothing but respect for MY National Champions:

Funny enough, yesterday was one of UCF’s celebrations of their national championship. As Blake Bortles was cutting up the Bills defense, UCF was having a parade through the Magical Kingdom, Disney World:

Some would say it’s quite ironic that UCF is celebrating their magical national championship in the magical kingdom, but to that I say: you’re right. Rumor has it that the entire UCF team will be on WWE’s SmackDown tomorrow night to celebrate their national championship even more. Hopefully, the SmackDown crowd will be as receptive to “We Want Bama!” chants as they are to “CM Punk!” ones:

Tonight, Georgia and Alabama will play for the national championship on ESPN. Yes, that station which Disney owns. You might be confused because a national championship was just celebrated in a Disney owned park, but don’t stress too much over that…it’s just college football.

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