Somebody Stole Alabama's Playbook 2 Days Before The National Championship

WSBTV-Police say an Alabama coach’s backpack, which included his playbook, was stolen from his hotel ahead of the National Championship.

Alabama defeated Georgia Monday in the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Police say last Saturday, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar left his backpack in a Marriott Marquis conference room designated as the defensive line meeting room.

It had his cellphone, laptop, cash, sunglasses and game day playbook inside.

Some of the items were recovered in a bathroom, but not the playbook.

Nick Saban when he heard of the playbook being stolen:

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I am irrationally excited about this. Last year, we had Wakey Leaks and in an unexpected turn of events, we are already experiencing part Tua (get it).

So, you’re telling me, a playbook was stolen by a team that was up big in the first half, only to be shocked by halftime adjustments? Kirby…I love ya….BUT:


I wonder if Tua was involved in the playbook…I’m guessing not. I, also, wouldn’t put it past Nick Saban to be thinking 8 steps ahead, leaving a FAKE playbook to be stolen.

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To make things even more interesting, this wasn’t the first time a coaches playbook was attempted to be stolen in this same hotel: unidentified person attempted to take a laptop belonging to an Auburn defensive staff member from a private meeting room at the downtown hotel, a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed. Security stopped the unknown male from stealing, but he got away before being detained, the source said of the incident.

Hmmmm….maybe, just maybe, this laptop that was almost stolen was by somebody connected to Alabama. Saban then decided to have Dunbar’s playbook “stolen” to make everybody think that there was absolutely no way that Alabama was the school that attempted to steal Auburn’s playbook.

A lot at play here, but it seems we have a playbook BANDIT on the loose. Just stealing all the playbooks and keep them for himself. Or is this an organized crime? At the end of the day, we do know one thing and that’s the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia is the Watergate Hotel of college football.

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P.s. Turns out it wasn’t Georgia. The reporter asked a Georgia fan if it was them, he said no, so that ends that: