SEC Dominates Pornhub 2017 Year In Review Statistics #ItJustMeansMore

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SEC It Just Means More

Just another instance of a dominating year from the SEC.

The haters said the SEC wouldn’t send two teams to the national championship game and have an all-time showing in the Pornhub year in review. If you listen now you will hear silence. When your liberal Aunt brings up Mississippi being a “shithole full of hicks” show them these stats. Same goes for Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. A national championship in the north is about as rare as a guy from Rhode Island, Massachusets, Connecticut, and New Jersey lasting over 11 minutes on Pornhub. Is there a correlation there? All I’m going to say is where there’s smoke, there’s fire folks.

The entire year in review is here. It’s surprisingly in-depth & jampacked with information. Off the top of my head, Pornhub having a serious statistics department is shocking, but after thinking about it, it makes sense. Got to know where the traffic is coming from. You don’t get to the top of the porn game without a little sabermetrics. There’s a lesson in there. Some highlights:


Big year for Cheerleaders thanks to the SEC states.


Surprisingly, not a big year for regular sisters and cousins because of the SEC. The impact of the conference can only stretch so far.


These are just absurd. I don’t even know what a Petabyte is. 118 GB per second? I remember when the 5GB flash drive was a hot commodity on the middle school streets. You had to pay some major money for them. Now 118 GB are being uploaded per seconds?!? What a time to be alive.

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