NFL Will Honor UCF's Football Team During The Pro Bowl

If you are a true NFL fan, you are interested in one game in the future. The entire season has led up to this. The best players are on the field, going head-to-head, in a stand-alone game while the entire nation watches. Yes, I am talking about the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday at 3:00 PM.

Because real recognize real, the Pro Bowl has decided to add a segment to their game to honor the people’s champion:

Orlando Sentinel-The NFL plans to recognize UCF’s 13-0 undefeated football season during the 2018 Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium Sunday.

Players have been invited to walk out on the field for a celebration after the first quarter.

“When we thought about UCF and the amazing season they had going undefeated and their bowl game win, we thought there was really no better way, especially in the city of Orlando, to do something for that college celebration of football than to honor the UCF team in stadium on Sunday,” said Matt Shapiro, director of events strategy for the NFL.

NFL representatives and UCF had been in talks for weeks about ways to promote the game in the city. The idea originated from the NFL Events team, which first approached UCF with the opportunity, said NFL spokesman Kamran Mumtaz.

This is dumb and ironic. A fake national championship is being celebrated during a fake football game.

Now that we have that out of the way: this could be REALLY fun. If UCF’s truly gets on board with this post-first quarter celebration, the possibilities are endless. For example, they could come out with their own championship trophy.

If they really want to be extra, they could make WWE like championship belts for their team and come out to Vince McMahon’s “No Chance.” From there, an Alabama alum on one of the Pro Bowl rosters could come out flatten the UCF player holding the fake national championship trophy. I’m booking this a bit too much like it’s actually going to happen on Monday Night RAW, but you get my drift…UCF can do a decent amount with this. Have some fun with it.

The mission of the Pro Bowl is to promote the sport on all levels from youth to pros and NFL representatives wanted a stronger college presence surrounding the event this year.

“To promote the sport on all levels” except for actually, you know, playing real football.

I can’t think about the Pro Bowl without this popping into my mind:

RIP to the man, the myth, the legend, Sean Taylor.

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