The Nick Foles TD Catch "Philly Special" Play Was Run By Clemson In 2012

There was one QB on the field last night who could catch the ball and that was University of Arizona’s SUPER BOWL WINNING QB Nick Foles:

A truly amazing play and big balls display from Doug Pederson. The play call will be remembered for a very long time, but where did it come from? You’ve got to go all the way back to 2012 in Death Valley:

Alshon Jeffery is referring to this play, featuring none other than Cali boy Matt Barkley:

The play was also ran on a high school football field in Texas:

That’s not to take anything away from Doug Pederson. Just as great artists steal, so do all great football coaches. Originality is a myth. There’s a lesson in that, folks.

Also, he isn’t as close to the man up top like Dabo is. The big man JC told him about the play.

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