Kinnick Stadium Grounds Crew Waves To Children's Hospital With Massive Snow Hand

It’s been a long week in the US of A, but it’d be unfair to not look at the few beams of hope across this beautiful country.

Awesome. In the NCAA world where there is much corruption, the Iowa wave shows how cool sports can truly be:

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Iowa is a team I always want to make fun of, but the Iowa Wave makes it very hard. The same goes for Kirk Ferentz, who donated $1 million to the hospital last offseason. Impossible to not feel something when watching it happen. The best part is that this will continue for a very long time. A tradition unlike any other.

An incredibly cool gesture by the Kinnick Stadium grounds crew. Let’s all try to put a smile on somebodies face this weekend.

Also, if you have a little bit of money to spare, think about donating it to the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital!

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