10 Things Butch Jones And Bill Belichick Could Be Talking About In This Photo


Today was Alabama’s pro day. The likes of Da’ron Payne, Calvin Ridley, and Minkah Fitzpatrick showed off their athleticism to NFL scouts and coaches in attendance. Along with these scouts and coaches, there were a few familiar faces in the building today. Butch Jones:

Butch was recently hired by Nick Saban as an offensive analyst and the most recent former head coach to enter rehab at Nick Saban’s House For Broken Coaches. A few other coaches were touring around the facility to see they would stay in Alabama for a year or two to save their careers:

It turns out that Bret Bielema may be in town not with Saban, but with Bill Belichick, which is all forms of crazy:

Anyways, the photo of the day came when Butch Jones took some time out of his day to talk shop with Bill Belichick. A true meeting of great football minds:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.49.56 PM

The discussion between these two could be limitless. A meeting of two guys that we’ve anticipated for years. It’s sort of similar to when De Niro and Pacino were finally on screen together in Heat. What could be the topic of discussion? Some possibilities:

1. Butch Jones playing Alvin Kamara behind Jalen Hurd in 2016. Where is Jalen Hurd now? He is playing WR for Baylor. Yes, you read that correctly. The 1-11 Baylor Bears.

2. Why the RB position is overrated anyways. “Who cares that I didn’t start Kamara! Not like he did anything in the NFL!”

3. Butch Jones moving JJ Watt from DE to TE while he was at Central Michigan. Yes, that JJ Watt.

4. Champions of life. “You see, Bill, your team may have lost the Super Bowl this year, but they did win the Super Bowl of life. Have you tried telling them that? I think it may work to rally the troops!”

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.31.26 PM

5. “All you’ve got to do Bill is go on Amazon and buy yourself a nice trash can. They only cost around $15. Do you have Prime? It could be at your door in 2 days!”


6. How to win the bye week.

7. How to win a football game without scoring touchdowns:

8. “Don’t worry about finding a great player in the first round, Bill. Worry about finding a guy with a first-round heart aka what I like to call a 5-star heart.”

9. “Yeah, a lot of people are calling me the new Lane Kiffin.”

10. “I kind of view my time at Tennessee like yours in Cleveland. They’ll regret letting me go. As I’ve said in the past, its brick by brick baby! I’m just going to continue laying my bricks:”

Belichick moved on to better things before he left. It looks like he retrieved the brain cells he lost while talking to Butch.

A true meeting of the head of the two families. Football’s version of The Commission.

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