It's 2018 And Ed Orgeron Just Figured Out His iPhone Clock Automatically Adjusts For Daylight Savings

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Daylight savings in March stinks. One second you are in a bar and it’s 1:50 AM and the next time you look at your phone it’s 3:02 AM. On top of that, you lose an hour of sleep.  At least we don’t live in the stone ages anymore and have our technology handle the whole “don’t forget to set your clocks forward!” thing. I haven’t thought about adjusting my clocks in years and I assume I’m like most people. Here’s the thing, Coach O isn’t most people:

SEC Country-“I wanted to practice yesterday but there is a window, a certain amount of days you can practice in and it had been one day too much,” said Orgeron, who contemplated starting spring practice a day early out of concern that daylight savings would throw everyone out of rhythm.

Football coaches are the only person who looks at daylight savings and thinks about how they will affect their spring football practices.

“Then I found out it was daylight savings, so we coached the team up all week on discipline.”

You may look at a 1-hour difference that everybody has little to no problem adjusting to every year, but #FootballGuys look at it as an opportunity to discipline their players.

Coach O motioning him resetting his clock is everything:


We need to protect this man at all costs. I don’t care if LSU goes 4-8 next year, don’t fire Coach O. Keep that man and his cookie monster voice giving us great press conference sound bites.

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