Jim Harbaugh Now Referring To Players As "Measts" That He Views As Half Man, Half Beast

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247Sports-What is a Meast you ask? It’s a word that Jim added to the football lexicon when discussing a couple of winter conditioning standouts.

Jim Harbaugh:. “A guy who keeps showing up in the workouts and strength and conditioning is Kwity Paye. Like Gentry, those two guys, I’m going to pick out two from the top of my head right there and have an ability to be a ‘meast.’ Where man meets beast! Just to see what they’ve done from last year to this year already, adding pounds and then showing it on the field by being really strong and quick and fast. Really high hopes there. Gentry, the way he’s carrying himself right now, he’s very confident and fast and good.”

Don’t have to say it, but Jim Harbaugh continues to hold his lead as the number one #FootballGuy in all of the land.

One of the guys Harbaugh is mentioning in this quote is Zach Gentry, a TE is currently checking in at a MEASTY weight:

As for Gentry, I hear he now checks in at 6-7, 260.

I haven’t heard the word meast in my life before today, but a 6’7, 260-pound man is indeed the definition of a damn meast.


Look at that damn neck!!! Measty as hell!

I really hope that Michigan and Harbaugh embrace this term. Put it on shirts. Trademark it. Make the big house known as the house of measts. Make a brand of milk that is called “MEAST Milk” with an absurd amount of protein in it and goes perfectly with a steak.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.37.38 PM

It’s all about the brand. It’s 2018. And I’m pumped for the meast brand.

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