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Will Muschamp On South Carolina WR That Will Miss Rest Of Spring Practice To Have "Groin Drained:" "He'll Be Fine"

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Not every day you hear an injury story like this:

I love how Will #FootballGuy Muschamp is playing this off. He is talking to the media like he would after one of his guys sprained his ankle, but instead, we are talking about a guy who needs his damn groin drained. Wait…what did you just say Will? Groin drained? The hell is that?

I searched “getting groin drained” on Google, and let me tell ya, not a lot came up. There is mention of lymph nodes and also a video of “abscess groin drained.” I’m not going to put that video in here for obvious reasons. It was beyond gross. I’ll leave that decision up to you if you are into that stuff and want to watch it. I only made it through 14 seconds of the 46-second video.

Muschamp probably knows a lot more about the groin drainage game than I do. He mentioned last year how he was working a lot on his groin flexibility:

I’m sure his wife appreciated the addition of stretches:

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Muschamp should’ve shown Randrecous some of his stretches. Maybe this whole thing could’ve been avoided. I guess he’ll have to when he gets back.

Also, before we go, Randrecous is an absolutely absurd name. I don’t know how some mother and father’s come up with these names. Yeah, they are unique, but you’ve got to become a big-time football player with a name Randrecous. There are no lawyers or real estate agents with that name.

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