Cal Poly Student Wears Blackface To Party, His Frat's President Wants Everyone To Relax Because It Was Totally "Not Racially Motivated"


Another day, another example that wearing blackface is never a good idea. Who thought we needed another one? This time from a Cal Poly student:

Mustang News-A photo of agricultural business senior and Lambda Chi Alpha member Kyler Watkins in blackface has been circulating social media.


Not good. If being named Kyler and wearing blackface wasn’t bad enough, buddy decided to add in the black hat to round it all off:

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 3.03.56 PM

According to Lambda Chi President Logan Boersma, the photo was taken at a Lambda Chi brotherhood event this past weekend. Boersma said the blackface was not racially motivated.

“We had a brotherhood event, big bros and little bros and families,” Boersma said. “Each of us had a team based on your family, you can pick whatever theme you want. One color chosen was black and that is why the person’s face was colored.”

Oh, gotcha, President Boersma! It was just an event with big bros and little bros! Everybody knows that blackface is okay as long as it’s done at a fraternity “big bros and little bros” event. Thanks for clearing that one up.

Amid significant backlash and controversy surrounding the initial photo depicting Lambda Chi Alpha member Kyler Watkins in blackface, a second photo from another member’s Instagram account has surfaced.


Ahhhhhh, the “big bros and little bros” party that was “not racially motivated” featured a bunch of kids dressed like they were extras from 8 Mile. I’m sure that was just a coincidence.

KCBX-A racially insensitive photo of fraternity members at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo is circulating on social media, during the university’s annual Polycultural Weekend, a time designed to acquaint prospective students with the university’s social and academic culture.

Yet another coincidence that this occurred on the university’s polycultural weekend. Just a harmless big bros and little bros party. Nothing but a coincidence, baby!

Dressing as the guys above is just a thing assholes do, but I still can’t wrap my head around the blackface decision. What, did he think he was going to show up to the party in his blackface and all his friends were going to die in laughter? “Yo, Kyler!!! You kill me!!!” “Kyler, you did it again!!”


In a weekend where we heard that some saw Patrick Reed winning the Masters as “good for golf” and others thinking it was “bad for golf,” this story is undoubtedly bad for frats. Not a good look for the brand!

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Edit (10:23 AM): Changed Cal Poy to Cal Poly, because Cal Poy is not something that exists.