Alabama And Notre Dame Schedule Home-And-Home Series For 2028 And 2029

Half of you reading this may be dead by the time these two games happen, but it’s finally happened: Alabama has scheduled a non-conference game not at home or a neutral site. The game at South Bend in 2028 will be the first time Alabama plays away from Tuscaloosa in a non-conference opponent’s home stadium since 2011 when they handed Joe Paterno his final loss.

2028 is a longgg time away. Nick Saban will be 75 and either dead or still the coach of Alabama (there will be no other option for Saban). There are kids who will play in the 2029 game that are currently 7-years-old. Seven!!!! There is a high chance Lane Kiffin is the coach of Alabama for this game. Imagine that…Lane Kiffin, Alabama head coach. Alabama fans have already booked all the hotels for the weekend of September 2nd, 2028 in South Bend.

The biggest question about this game is whether or not Notre Dame fans will be over this loss by 2028:


It’s always fun when SEC schools invade South Bend. Georgia took over this year:

They even got to see what an ice rink looked like!!!

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