Red Line Radio Featuring Daniel "Big Cat" Katz Is LIVE!!!

When Barstool Chicago started in January, we wanted to use Red Line Radio as a vehicle to let Big Cat come on and vent about Chicago sports every so often since he doesn’t get to do that as much anymore now that he’s a national phenom.  So what’s a better time to have him on than NBA free agency with GarPax, the Cubs stinking up the joint against the Reds and with the Blackhawks in the gutter?  There really isn’t in my opinion.

It also marked our 6 month performance review.  Did Big Cat give it to us straight?  Did he hammer us for being a bunch of bumbling idiots?  Did he play Middle Man Dan?  That’s for you, the listener, to decide.

It was also another White Sox heavy episode.  Lucas Giolito is back to c-r-u-i-s-i-n-g and should hopefully be named the AL Starting Pitcher soon.  They also just went 7-8 in their self dubbed “hell stretch”

2-2 vs. the NYY
1-1 vs. the Cubs
1-2 vs. Texas
1-2 vs. Boston
2-1 vs. Minne

that’s a 7-8 record against teams that are all more than likely playoff bound.  Not *great* but it shows the improvements this team has made throughout the course of their rebuild.  Also, speaking of improvements, Yoan Moncada got SNUBBED and should be heading to Cleveland as an All Star:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.51.23 AM

Shoutout to Squeak Scolari aka Hubbs for his A+ take on writing off a 22 year old in his first full season in The Show:

I also forgot that TJS is a death sentence for pitchers.  Kopech has zero chance at ever pitching again.  Speaking of Kopech, another pitcher with ACE potential is making his debut tomorrow:

We’ve talked a ton about his repertoire, how he slots into the rotation, and how the White Sox future with him, Giolito and Kopech is going to be really fun to watch for a LONG time.  Hahn did it again!  #ThanksCubs

We also had NHL free agency talk, a 4th of July grab bag, some beefs and talked about my record breaking 91 MPH speed pitch performance at Barstool at the Park this weekend.  Loaded show

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