Pat Fitzgerald Is The Best Coach In College Football, That's Just A Stone Cold Fact: Red Line Radio EP 111

People think I’m a complete and total weirdo when I say this, but I’m 99% as big a Northwestern Football fan as I am a White Sox fan.  In the fall, Northwestern football consumes every ounce of my emotions and finances.  It’s rare that I miss a game in Evanston.  There is nothing better to me than getting up at 530am, pounding some coffee, then hightailing it to that pothole infested parking lot to start pounding great tasting, less filling Miller Lites by 7am for an 11am kickoff.

I get it, people like me hardly exist at all.  I’m a unicorn.  And it’s hilarious, because there are so few non-alum Northwestern fans out there that people assume I’m just that; an alum.  That I’m a graduate of the prestigious Medill School of Journalism with the likes of all these famous people like Rachel Nichols, Brent Musburger and Rich Eisen.

Nope, I went to North Central College and I was a C+ student.  That doesn’t mean I correct people when they assume I went to NU though.  I just let people think I’m an alum of the most prestigious school of journalism on earth.  Their fault, not mine.

But oddly enough, NU football has is the one team I root for that doesn’t constantly hurt me.  We all know the Sox have been dumpster fires for 12 years, the Bears are good but I still have that salty double doink taste in my mouth and the Bulls and Hawks?  Yeah, no.

And it’s all because of the head honcho Pat Fitzgerald.  It is very, very hard to recruit at NU but Fitz consistently puts out winning team after winning team.  He arguably does more with less than any coach in the country.  They can’t recruit most of these blue chip athletes because of their stringent academic standards, but they win in spite of it because Fitz is the best coach in the country.  And they’re my pick to win the West once again.

Fitz was hilarious in this interview.  It’s not often a player or coach or admin we interview understands Barstool’s shtick; Coach Fitz not only understands it, he runs with it.  He’s the second college coach we’ve interviewed in the last few months that has looked me up and down and wanted to vomit at the sight of me.

Here’s the show’s breakdown:

0:00 – 10:15 Eddie returns from Wyoming with Donnie and talks about his attempted purchase of bull semen
10:15 – 21:10 Carl and Eddie break down the 16″ No Glove Nationals softball tournament
21:10 – 30:15 Chief breaks down John McDonough’s weird comments in his interview in The Athletic last week
30:15 – 34:00 Eddie talks Bears football
34:00 – 1:09:54 Fitz interview
1:10:00 – 1:18:25 Carl’s Cubs breakdown
1:18:25 – 1:26:35 WSD breaks down cup snakes at Sox Park
1:26:35 – 1:34:45 WSD breaks down Stroman to the Mets and Mets *maybe* trading Thor but fucking that up too
1:35:00 – end Grab bag, beefs, ALL GAS NO BRAKES!!!

Unsubscribe, resubscribe, rate 5 stars and review LET’S GO!!!  Huge shout out to the Northwestern athletic department for the A+ hospitality when we recorded with Fitz, let’s go win another West title and head to Pasadena