PMT: Jerry Ferrara (Turtle From Entourage) on New York Sports and E-Gaming, Plus Hard Knocks Finale and Guys On Chicks

Hard Knocks season finale and the season was saved by Gruden. Luke Willson did us a solid even while getting cut. Zeke Watch and Jared Goff got paid. (2:35-17:33)

– Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (17:34-28:50)

– Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle from Entourage joins the show to talk about Entourage, New York sports fandom, e-gaming, and his pick up game. (31:41-1:09:04)

– Segments include Power Rankings of Pete Prisco’s shitty power rankings, (1:14:32-1:20:21) Federer lost, Mike Wilbon name drop, (1:20:22-1:21:38) Thoughts and Prayers Chris Jericho,(1:21:39-1:23:45) and Guys on Chicks, is it ok to lock the door on your significant other while showering.(1:23:46-1:32:12)