Red Line Radio EP119 Featuring Big Cat Is LIVE From The Big Apple

BEARS FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!! And let me be the first to say, tonight is going to be a BAD night if you’re a Miller Lite:


I might just start drinking now I’m so nervous for tonight…

But thank FUCKING god football is here.  Tonight the Red Line Radio crew, Big Cat and PFT are live from the Fan Duel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands in New Jersey to take over the electric chair for Bears vs. Packers.  What’s a better way to put the double doink to bed for good by decapitating Aaron Rodgers.  We get into it and get into it deep with Big Cat.  Oh, and we have our own Fan Duel contest for yous all to enter:


Just go to and enter the $5 contest.  1st place?  Trip to any NFL city of your choice with airfare/hotel included.  2nd-100 place get Barstool march and cash prizes.  For $5!!!  That’s basically free!!!


Carl basically lives in NYC right now.  He sat 1st row with Marlin’s Man at Cubs vs. Mets last week and Rob Manfred and you better believe he talked their ears off.  And guess what?  Mr. Commissioner just so happens to be pro Cup Snake at Wrigley.

Fuck you Julian Green!

– It’s also a huge year for both Trubisky and Nagy.  Make or break if you will.

– we break down the last two spots on the “who was the shittiest player in the White Sox and Cubs’ rebuilds”.  This was a big moment for me as I FINALLY got to motherfuck Yolmer Sanchez to the moon and back.  Goddamn am I sick and tired of this motherfucker.  Nice guy, terrible baseball player.  2350 at bats to a tune of a 79 wRC+ is sickening and he’s almost gone.  FINALLY.

– Oh and we debuted our NFL gambling segment for the football season.  Basically we put my brain to the test against the flip of a coin.  It’s real people vs. supernatural type shit.  Am I smarter than a Sacajawea dollar?  Tune in to find out.

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