CFB Week 4 Review, Plus Brandon Walker Wants To Be Hypersexualized

[0:00] Intro & Brandon wonders why NBC didn’t label him as hypersexualized and submissive

[2:15] Notre Dame @ Georgia. Why isn’t Kirby Smart utilizing the talent he has? Is he afraid to do so?

[13:40] Michigan @ Wisconsin. Is this the start of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?

[18:06] Auburn @ Texas A&M. A discussion on how the Aggies are Rosie O’Donnell at this point.

[22:40] Oklahoma State @ Texas. Will Jack Mac apologize for his Spencer Sanders take? Plus an argument over how close this game really was.

[27:42] ACC: Bye UCF! Mack Brown’s magical carpet ride has come to an end.

[31:36] Big 10: Is Nebraska a good football team?

[32:52] Big 12: Really, TCU?

[35:15] Brandon & Kayce recap their weekend in Madison

[36:50] Pac 12: Are they out of the CFP hunt already?

[44:16] SEC: Why is LSU giving up 38 points to Vanderbilt? Did Arkansas hire the wrong coach?

[52:20] Audience Hot Takes: Does Tennessee want Butch Jones back? How many losses for Michigan? Should people from the Northeast not be allowed to have opinions on college football?

[1:03:13] Shit List