CFB Week 5 Review, Plus Who Is REAL #1 Team In The Country?

[0:00] Intro + Kayce is incredibly hungover/possibly still drunk?

[3:55] Brandon gives the rundown for the episode.

[6:20] Clemson isn’t allowed to be #1 anymore. Are they an elite team?

[14:18] Auburn destroyed Mississippi State, does Auburn belong in the top 10?

[20:58] Ohio State is a rolling ball of chainsaws right now.

[23:30] Is Penn State a contender?

[30:35] Can we take Jalen Hurts serious against these defenses?

[34:20] A Texas A&M therapy session.

[42:45] Who is the best team in the country right now?

[49:45] The 4 players that still have a legitimate shot at winning the Heisman.

[55:48] Who has a better QB: Georgia or Ohio State?

[57:10] The most impressive teams of the week.

[1:03:15] The most disappointing teams of the week.

[1:07:00] Reaction to hot takes from you, the listeners.

[1:18:48] The Shit List

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