CFB Week 6 Preview + Why Are Fans So Soft These Days?

[0:00] Intro & episode rundown. Is October the best month? Kayce isn’t drunk, but is she clinically depressed?

[4:40] California legislation bill allowing college athletes to profit off of their likeness

[7:00] Jeremy Banks arrest video and Jeremy Pruitt’s call to the police

[13:37] “PETA can fuck right off.” PETA calls for Bully The Bulldog to be removed from Mississippi State’s sideline

[18:15] College football fans are the biggest pussies in sports

[23:50] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush

[37:32] Auburn @ Florida. Will Brandon Walker be right about Auburn?

[46:50] Iowa @ Michigan. Can Michigan get back on track?

[50:48] Michigan State @ Ohio State. Can Michigan State’s defense stop the rolling ball of chainsaws that is Ohio State led by Justin Fields?

[54:40] Under the radar games

[59:00] Preview of CFB show in West Virginia

[1:04:40] Jack Mac vs. UMass coach Walt Bell.

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