Unnecessary Roughness: CFB Week 6 Recap + Brandon Gives Auburn A Whooping

[0:00] Intro & a recap of the trip to West Virginia

[5:55] Brandon Walker tells the Auburn fans to “come out and get their whooping”

[13:40] An all-22 discussion of the infamous Steven Glansberg Brandon Walker video from over the weekend

[18:58] Brandon Walker goes around the country to give us a few takes on the week that was in college football. Is Michigan not dead? Will SMU represent the G5 in the NY6? Does Jonathan Taylor have a legit shot to win the Heisman?

[33:00] Another Jalen Hurts – Sam Ehlinger debate

[35:41] Who impressed you this past week?

[50:00] HOT TAKES

[1:05:08] Shit list TIME!

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