CFB Week 7 Review + More Arguing Over Jalen Hurts

Week 7 was BANANAS, yall.

The eyes of College Football were on Dallas, Texas (see what I did there). After two months of debating who was better between Jalen Hurts and Sam Elinger, we had a chance to see it play out at the Red River Shootout. Spoiler: Brandon is stubborn as hell.

As always we dive into all the big games of the weekend – like Georgia collapsing, LSU making a statement, Wisconsin rolling… etc etc. We also talk Heisman chances, go through your hot takes and add to the shit list.

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[0:00] Intro

[2:00] Brandon Walker discussed Mississippi State’s worst loss “in a decade”

[3:05] Penn State….we’re coming!

[5:10] Brandon tells the story of waking up Marty Mush on Sunday morning to get him ready for Walk The Line.

[6:30] Florida – LSU recap. Florida has staying power. Just how good is Joe Burrow? Spoiler alert: VERY good.

[15:10] Red River Shoot Out recap. Will Brandon walker admit that he was wrong about his Jalen Hurts take?

[26:30] “LOLGeorgia” – Brandon Walker. Kayce gives her hot take about the game which was, let’s just say, a bit unexpected.

[36:30] Takes of the week from Brandon Walker. Wisconsin, Heisman PLayoff game, LSU, Barstool, Alabama, and many more topics were discussed!

[58:40] Who won the weekend? Who disappointed?

[1:05:55] HOT TAKES from you, the beautiful and dedicated listener.

[1:18:00] Shit List!

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