PMT: NFL Week 6, Fastest 2 Minutes, Mariota + Jameis

- Fastest 2 minutes for Week 6 (2:27 – 9:11).

– We recap every game (9:11 – 78:39). Is Jameis the funniest quarterback of all time? Panic in Cleveland? Say something nice about the Dolphins. The Ravens need to earn Big Cat’s respect. The Cowboys and Rams are in trouble and the Niners are for real. Duck mania and the Titans are buttcheeks.

– Who’s back of the week including Hank not saying hello to Kevin Durant (78:39 – 90:05).

– College Football recap, Football guy of the week, Talking baseball, and Monday Reading – My Husband wants to open a restaurant for magicians (90:05 – 105:51).